The Sweetest Game



What makes the Maple Syrup flow? The Great Canadian Tree Warmer Project hosted by Owl Ridge Acres during the month of March will delve into this Canadian Mystery.

A sense of fun and adventure permeate Pead’s work. Known for using recycled hockey gear (yes it comes from arena garbage cans… that’s adventurous, eh?) to make large scale installation paintings reminiscent of the Group of Seven’s depiction of the landscape – Pead has turned a new side to this work, making the actual hockey gear and engaging in the landscape itself rather than simply painting it.  From knitting the jerseys and stitching team crests, to manufacturing goalie pads especially for trees, (wait, goalie pads for trees?!) Pead has meticulously created an environment to keep the trees warm, while they are having fun playing our national sport.

Here’s a few shots of what I’ve been working on in the studio.  More to follow when I get everything installed on site at the end of the week! Click on “The Sweetest Game” above to read the full press release. Right now, I have to go and finish those goalie pads for the trees.

Keep your stick on the ice !


Tufting into a woven rug!

It WORKED! I was nervous at every step. I made this little sample with 2 ply Lettilopi in the weft on 4/12 linen warp. I experimented with pattern in á not so pretty way 😛 but I loved the colour combination. It was about 22″x30″ finished.


I threw it down on the floor and it literally kicked around a bit. Stood up to decent usage. So the sett and beat were good even if the pattern wasn’t great. So I figured this was the perfect candidate to tuft into with the same 2 ply of Lettilopi, over the areas where the pattern wasn’t up to snuff.

I stretched it on a frame and went to town. Ugly tension, and the warp and weft went all crazy, but I struggled through. This morning I threw it into the WASHING MACHINE on a really hot cycle and hoped I wouldn’t come back to a drum full of string.

I got this! I have been looking for a better way to adhere the loops into the body of the rug, and I was considering dry felting them. This machine wet felting seems to work better.


No messy backing (acrylic gel is pricey, and I can’t touch latex!)

The next experiment will be tufting as I weave. This will ensure correct tension, as tufting on the frame was a bit of a nightmare. Sigh. Tension. The goal of Textilians everywhere is perfect tension…

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Getting To TextilSetur and beginning





Got out of the airport and landed at Hotel Fron….my Reykjavik home away from home.

Below is my first view of TextilSetur on the right.  to the left is the Textile Museum.




Got settled in and had a quick bite to eat. Went for an after dinner walk to explore…some ‘natural’ installation art

plastic bag, shrub and winter….



Came upon a couple of sweet little scows, and had to get a picture.


Oh you bet I did, with the sunset starting (it was around 1030pm)







That’s a bit better view…actually even did a drawing.


I mentioned the sunset? An iPhone just won’t so it justice…



Then I looked at the ground.


And again.  Yes there are drawings coming, and in process.  The one below has turned into a blanket I’m weaving.

I need to test this kind of loom, I’ve never used one before.







 Me attempting to thread the TexSolv beast…I’m half done !







I will be so glad when I’m done threading this!  Tomorrow back to Reykjavik to return the car and perhaps see some museums.

More coming soon!


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Another Lopi Rug

Same pattern as before, using the Alafoss Lopi for weft on a 4/12 linen warp. Yum! Going to weave it out to about 50″ and see how that looks.


A bit of rug

Rug samples abound! I tried a few different things on this one. Single ply Lettilopi on the ends, two ply in most of the rest.

Woven on 4/12 linen at 5 epi with the pattern being a combination of rose path and snail trail. Woven on opposites. Mostly using a twill based treadle, but I also did another treading which looked more like an X in the draft.


DURP (Direct Urban Reforestation Project)

DURP (Direct Urban Reforestation Project)

Architecture for Humanity’s Pulp Art Party, saw artists installing paper-themed works in the Metropolis Factory. I had a terrific time, and was thrilled with how the work turned out. Coming soon to an outdoor location…

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A few of the sketches and paintings working up the images.
It is still interesting to me how an image changes so drastically.







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Red Barn

How I’ve missed WordPress!

This is what I got up to today.
Another 16″ x 20″ piece, with a red barn – how very Canadian!
I wanted to make the sky and treatment of the material very static, i was thinking about how Tom Thomson and Lauren Harris modulated the colour in the skies of their painting while using straight stroke. it looked a bit too static so I ended up adding just a bit more colour and sweep in the line.
@LonsdaleGallery upcoming exhibition in early April.


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Ontario Fields, process

This image started as a small sketch. I made an oil painting and then went on to a smallish (16″x20″) recycled hockey gear piece. A great sketch and decent painting doesn’t guarantee a good material art result though!

I went overboard with the helmet, so I worked backwards and removed it.

The final state and I’m still thinking…




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